Kaanon’s Copy Shop


Kaanon’s Copy Center offers high-quality digital standard and wide format printing and copying solutions since 1994. We also provide help if you need business cards, comb, spiral and hard cover binding, laminating and scanning. We offer thesis binding service. In case of larger amounts or long-term cooperation agreements - ask for offers.

A4 1 – 10 pages 0,15 EUR/page
A4 11 – 100 pages 0,10 EUR/page
A4 101 – ... pages 0,08 EUR/page
A4 photo / on glass 0,50 EUR/page
A4 from book 0,15 EUR/page
A3 0,25 EUR/page
A3 photo / on glass 0,80 EUR/page
A3 from book 0,30 EUR/page
A2-A0 2,50 EUR/page
File formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF. Editing and correction fee might be added.
Sending fax
A4 4,00 EUR/page
We do not receive faxes!
A4 1,60 EUR/sh
A3 2,60 EUR/sh
A2 7,50 EUR/sh
A1 10,00 EUR/sh
Laminating pouch thickness 2 x 125 (250) microns. Gloss or matte.
Data writing onto the disc
CD 3,00 EUR
DVD 4,00 EUR
Price includes blank CD or DVD
For sale
A4 paper pack of 500 sheets (80g/m²) 9,00 EUR
A4 paper (5 packs in a box) pack of 500 sheets (80g/m²) 43,00 EUR
A4 paper pack of 250 sheets (160g/m²) 20,00 EUR
A4 paper pack of 125 sheets (280g/m²) 20,00 EUR
A3 paper pack of 500 sheets (80g/m²) 20,00 EUR
Registrator Diameter 50 or 70 mm 7,50 EUR
Plastic file folder 1,00 EUR
Envelope C4 0,25 EUR
Envelope C5 0,20 EUR
Self-adhesive CD-pocket 2,00 EUR
Self-adhesive pocket 2,00 EUR
Preparation, designing, changing, cutting for extra fee